Fall 2020 Re-Entry Plan

“Morning Review” Review

28 August 2017, 5:19 am

Introduced by Mr. Henriquez, Morning Review brings grades K—2 together to review topics of all sorts and share some fun time. Meeting first thing in the morning in the huge second grade classroom, the gathering itself is awesome to watch. Looking like a Marine inspection, they file in orderly and efficiently. Even after four days a week for seven months, they have that giddy, expectant look!

Miss Sarah is at the controls of the laptop projecting pictures and videos and the kids start off with a jaunty tune reminding them about the power of their tongues and the Golden Rule. They learn about the Prophets, and the teachers explain a few big words.

Who can immediately name a painting by Seurat? Renoir? Point out Pointillism? Know by sight, Beethoven, Mozart, Thurgood Marshall? How about Chopin? The planet Mercury, Frank Lloyd Wright’s “Fallingwater”, or any number of other natural or man-made destinations worldwide? These kids can. And then give details. And then there’s the Animaniacs State Capitols song. They knew the whole thing.

As the school year progresses,  Morning Review introduces a few new things with the bulk being…review. Grammar and phonics rules in jingles, Old Testament & Egyptian time lines, books of the Bible, bodies of water, architecture, and recalling Assembly highlights which actually follows a week by week structure. The very last thing before returning to their classrooms was to sing along with a music video sharing truth and praise for our awesome God!