Fall 2020 Re-Entry Plan

What’s it like to be a new student at TCS?

11 January 2019, 1:17 pm

Freshman Allie Keim transferred to TCS in the fall of 2017. During her first year at Trinity, she played on the middle school girls' champion basketball team and won a seat on this year's student council. Allie shared that the “kids at Trinity are nicer, much more inviting, very welcoming.” She explained that TCS is an environment where a person can be friends with everyone, and, “I can be myself; I do not need a mask to fit in.” In addition, Allie said that the teachers at her public school were less personally involved with her than her teachers at Trinity who truly care about her as a student. Even though TCS is more academically challenging, Allie feels that TCS teachers give students more support. She stated, "Trinity teachers have taught me good study habits. It is harder at Trinity, [but] public school didn’t challenge me.”

The Sams children were homeschooled until this year when twins Dorothy and Lucy enrolled in sixth grade, and Ezekiel enrolled in eighth grade. Their parents, Aaron and Kelsey, who both have expertise in education, write, “The transition for our three homeschoolers to TCS was about as seamless as it could have been. The teachers and staff have been welcoming and the other students have quickly integrated our family into the community. Sometimes it feels like we have been at TCS all along.” Making new students feel welcome and accepted is very important to all TCS faculty, and fostered among the student body.