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Disney’s The Little Mermaid – Covering New Ground

17 August 2019, 7:04 am


When you think of 130 people and a stage production at a private school of about 300 students, you might think…audience? Nope. This amazing stage musical which ran six shows over two weekends was an incredible success because of the efforts and leadership of 130 members of the cast and crew.

New to a Trinity stage production this year was a live orchestra. Musical director Mr. Peter Mahtani said keeping the all-volunteer orchestra in sync with the acting was the biggest challenge, but found that the cast and orchestra learned how to sync with each other! The fullness of the sound and presence of live music transported the audience to a “whole new world”!

Miss Sarah Fiscus, head of the Trinity drama department, would be in the back watching the audience. Scenes of amazing singing and music and emotion brought the audience to utter silence as they listened intently; scenes with lots of action and humor had the crowd turning to one another and pointing and laughing. The production was not only successful in entertaining the audience, but it inspired awe at what the students achieved on stage as their talents and hard work were shepherded by an experienced producer and director.

The students were self-motivated and enthusiastic.  Mr. Mahtani shared that the performers and crew did not need to be motivated; “Inside, they wanted it to be good.” They also knew that the directors would put in as much as the students put in—as much as was needed. Miss Sarah also said without hesitation that they not only wanted a great show, but would not have settled for less. The cast planned several extra practices based on what they were lacking. But how do you pull off a show like that with over 100 students in kindergarten through 12th grade? Leadership.

Mr. Mahtani only met with the middle schoolers one time! The high schoolers led the rest of the time, guiding the 7th and 8th graders through auditions and working with them on their lines and songs. Miss Sarah said that with such a young cast, she could not have pulled off this production without the high school students stepping up. It was also the students that initiated and led prayer before each and every performance. The tone of the Trinity experience was at play here. But more importantly, these students worked as if working for the Lord. And it showed.                    

 - Bill White, father of 2 student actors