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Thanksgiving Reflections

As another Thanksgiving has passed, I am reminded of the joyous welcome my family and I received as we joined to celebrate with family and friends. As time has passed, our table has grown larger. Likely you can recall the guests who have graced your tables, many planned, others unexpected. Their presence enriched the conversation and possibly helped us to see the great importance of hospitality. Here at Trinity, we are thankful that our enrollment is growing, and our “table” must grow! Each year, Trinity has much to be thankful for, including a team of experienced and qualified teachers, a beautiful 5-acre campus, and many new students, 74 to be exact! At a time when declining enrollment is the norm, we must consider how to provide additional learning spaces and much needed financial aid. We believe it is time to add another leaf to the Trinity table! As Trinity prepares to welcome new “guests” and prepares new spaces for learning, please consider how you might support our Annual Fund Campaign. Have a joyous Christmas season!

- Kennedy Henriquez

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