Referral Program

New Family Referral Incentive

Effective: July 1, 2015

Any Trinity family that refers a new family is eligible for a one-time $500 tuition credit. These incentive credits are subject to the following guidelines:

New Family

  1. Shall be truly new to the Trinity community – not a past family that has decided to enroll again even if several years have passed. New family should not have other ties to Trinity (previous teacher, alumni, etc.)

  2. Shall complete the full application and enrollment processes.

  3. Shall attend (student/s) Trinity for a minimum period of one quarter.

  4. Shall pay all fees and full tuition obligation.

  5. Shall name referring family PRIOR TO OR AT THE BEGINNING of application process. Can name referring family via:

    1. Email or written notice to admissions personnel ([email protected])

    2. Listing referral family on inquiry record through RenWeb, or

    3. Listing referral family on application through RenWeb.

Referring Family

  1. Shall receive a discount of $250 in the 2nd quarter after new student(s) has successfully completed the 1st quarter.

  2. Shall receive a discount of $250 in the 3rd quarter after new student(s) has successfully completed the 2nd quarter.

  3. Can request they be named as a referring family, but it is subject to verification by the new family. The request can be made via email or written notice to development/admissions personnel. ([email protected])

Additional Guidelines

  1. All referrals and incentive credits are subject to headmaster review and approval.

  2. If more than one Trinity family refers a new family, the incentive credit will be given to the first family named. If this cannot be determined, the credit will be split amongst the referring families.

  3. New families that inquire about Trinity through the school office or that attend an open house or other admission function as a result of general marketing, web site inquiry, etc. are not eligible to be claimed as a referred family.

  4. Incentive credits cannot exceed 50% of a referring family’s total tuition obligation. Incentive credits can only be awarded to tuition, and shall not be awarded to fees or any other financial obligations.