Writing and Public Speaking

A goal for all of our students is that they would master the art of speaking and writing as not only a means to express themselves, but also as a way of communication through the worlds of academia, ministry, and beyond. Starting in kindergarten, students partake in public speaking. By the time our students are in secondary school, they have the skills to articulate their worldview and defend a thesis. We train students to lead with eloquence, and our writing programs are designed to meet this goal.

Writing Workshops and Collaborative Writing Units

From creative writing journals to mastering MLA Format, Trinity has a high caliber writing program. Writing workshops and collaborative units are implemented throughout the extensive writing curriculums.

Debate Units

Speech and Debate is used across TCS with the continuing goal to foster readers, thinkers, defenders, and leaders. Debate also encourages team work and life skills that are necessary as we live in community with one another, always striving to understand each other through the eyes of Christ.

Speech Meet

TCS has a beautiful tradition where each year every student from kindergarten through twelfth grade memorizes a work of poetry, prose, or historical speech. The students present their pieces in a culminating assembly where truth, beauty, goodness, and excellence are further modeled and exemplified.

Senior Capstone Project

Every senior at TCS is responsible for his or her own Senior Capstone Project. This body of work includes a twenty-page research paper in defense of a thesis, a coinciding project, and a PowerPoint presentation to be given to a panel of teachers, administrators, and peers, all encompassed by a Christian worldview.

Logic and Rhetoric Classes

Students in eighth grade have Logic class as a part of the curriculum to develop greater higher level thinking skills and to gain an understanding of fallacies and how to defend and articulate their beliefs. Students in eleventh and twelfth grades have Rhetoric class where they become master thinkers, defenders, and speakers.

College Prep for Writing

Time and time again, TCS graduates praise their alma mater for preparation in writing, specifically.