We believe that Kindergarten through Sixth grade is the most meaningful period in a child's music education. At Trinity Christian School, we utilize this important time to instruct students in the main elements of music. Some of these elements include:

K-6th Music Education

  • A sense of pitch

  • Note reading by Solfeggio

  • Notation of music on the staff

  • Vocal technique

    • Breathing

    • Tone placement

  • Expression

  • Instruments

    • Percussion

    • Xylophone

    • Recorder

  • A brief understanding of music history

  • Singing a varied repertoire of music

    • Folk songs

    • Sacred music

    • Spirituals

    • Cultural music

  • Describing music in musical terms

  • Evaluation music and musical performances

Middle School

Music education in Middle School takes a slightly different approach. Since most of the students are now familiar with the main elements of music, we offer a mandatory general music education course, as well as Choir and Band as electives. Some elements covered in the general music class include:

7th-8th Music Education

  • Intermediate music history

  • History of opera and musical theater

  • Listening and describing music

  • Evaluating live performances

    • Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra

    • Pittsburgh CLO

    • Pittsburgh Opera House

  • Study of modern music

  • Christian worldview towards all genres

  • Intermediate class discussions

  • Intermediate presentations


Trinity Christian School offers Choir at four levels; Elementary, Middle School, High School, and extra-curricular elite choir. All Choir classes are non-audition and can be joined by any interested student, regardless of experience. We believe that Choir is not just a group of music enthusiasts, but a community that loves and ministers through music. The high school choir and chamber choir go on an extensive choir trip each summer.

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  • Advanced note reading

  • Varied collection and styles of music

  • Mostly sacred choral literature

  • Vocal technique

  • Expression

  • Great performance opportunities

    • Nursing homes

    • National anthem opportunities

    • Singing around the community

    • Solo opportunities

  • One-on-one training

  • Analyzing music


Trinity Christian School has four band programs designed to teach, improve, and perform good band music.

Fifth Grade Band introduces students to band instruments. The students are helped to choose an instrument. In three class sessions per week, they learn to play their instruments.

Sixth Grade Band continues on the foundation and gradually incorporates ensemble playing. It meets twice a week.

Middle School Band teaches students to play independent parts in the band by going over individual parts and then combining them into a band presentation. This class meets three times a week.

High School Band meets five days a week. The students work on their own individual techniques and ensemble balance. The band plays standard band literature.